Sunday, June 19, 2016

It's Wedding Season

Wedding season is in full force and we have five total this year! Fortunately, I LOVE weddings - I'm always up for a good dance party! We've already attended two weddings so far and I wore the same dress to both. I picked it up from Anthro earlier this season on a whim. I liked the pattern, fabric, and length. But, I didn't (and still don't) love the neckline. I kept it because I desperately needed a dress to wear to an early May wedding. 

I thought I was OK with the neckline when I tried it on at home, but when I saw the below picture taken at the first wedding all I could think was that I looked like a giraffe because it accentuated my long neck. So, I decided I'd be looking for something else to wear to the next wedding. I had never tried Rent the Runway and had heard nothing but good things, so I figured I'd give it a try. I've mentioned before (you know, when I used to blog regularly), that our closet space is limited and I really like for my clothes to pull double duty. Well, my special occasion dresses seem to be worn once and take up closet space that is in short supply, so I thought RTR was the solution to my problems. Unfortunately, the dress I selected for this weekend's wedding turned out to be damaged or not returned on time so RTR offered to send me an alternative dress (two alternatives, actually). But, neither worked. Both were way too short and too casual. So, I pulled out this dress as my back up. Instead of curling my hair, I wore it straight and I have to say I, I'm glad I gave the dress a second chance. It is so cool, fun to twirl in while dancing, and is easily dressed up or down with jewelry and/or shoes. 

Vineyard wedding in Texas

At the wedding this weekend, I met a woman with a very similar body type and we had a long conversation about how mean kids were to us when we were in middle school; we both got teased for our height and weight. I still remember those nicknames and they definitely impact choices I make today; I hadn't really thought about that until we had the conversation and I realized how reluctant I'd been to wear this dress because it made me feel like a giraffe despite all the kind words and compliments from friends and family. Anyways, I'm back at this blogging thing and hope to keep to a more regular schedule!

NC Wedding

Dress: Here | Wedges: old, this year's version here  (also available in stores at TJ Maxx and Marshalls) | Heels: old, similar here | Earrings: here

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