Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Comfort is always a priority for me, but it's the most important factor for me when it comes to activewear. I'm always on the look out for affordable, comfortable work out clothes that perform well both in cycle class and the yoga studio. I prefer for my gear to do double duty which means I ask a lot of my tops. 

When selecting a work out top, I go for a tank top, especially for yoga (no matter the season) because I find them less restricting. I want a top that's long, fitted but not tight, and doesn't end up drenched by the time class is over. A fun pattern that goes with several colors is a bonus! Work out clothes that are cute, comfortable, and practical help motivate me.

As for my pants, I prefer capris for both yoga and cycle. And I mean true capris, not the pants that come down just below my knee (either because they're designed to or because their not tall friendly). In the winter, I  do transition to ankle length workout leggings. 

This top comes in many different colors and prints, so it's practical and fun for my early morning workout routine. It's long and fitted enough that it's appropriate in yoga during donward facing dog. It also does well in spin class - and I don't leave pealing it off my skin.  

I own these pants in three different colors, and they are my go to capri. They are thick (read: not see-through), plenty stretchy, and come to just below my belly button which is a new requirement for me since lower sitting leggings create a muffin top. Not fair. 

Tank top: here | Pants: here


  1. This is a great workout look! And it's all from Target I see? That's awesome! I'm super bummed that my favorite tall activewear company, Elle Mayers, recently went out of business. I basically bought all of my activewear from EM for the past 3 years but now I'm forced to look for other options...

    ~Beth @

    1. Oh no! That's always frustrating. I know Athleta and OldNavy offer tall activewear, but I haven't tried it only because I haven't found anything I really liked. I've had good luck with Target's C9 line and own those pants in 3 colors and the shirt in 2 patterns. And you can usually catch them on promotion.