Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dresses as Shirts, Again

Since I moved to DC last summer, I've cleaned out my closet about three times. I started the process because I had to downsize my wardrobe before I got married; the closet space is limited and it wasn't all mine (#marriageproblems). But, I realized I really liked having a more streamlined wardrobe. It made getting dressed easier in the morning; I could actually find what I wanted and I really loved everything in my closet. So I started really purging. At first, I started with the things I never wore. Then, I moved on to the things I sometimes wore, but didn't love. 

Since I started the process, I've become much more discerning when making new purchases. I haven't quit shopping by any means. But, the process has made me realize what fits best, what I wear most, and what I really like wearing. So I keep that in mind while shopping. 

When I saw this shirt in the dress, I had to have it. But, it didn't come in tall and the length was way (way!) too short. Fail. So, I waited for it to go on sale and bought it knowing that I'd hem it to make it a shirt. Then, I noticed JCrew carried the shirt version (here; new version here), only to realize it would be way too short as a shirt on me. Double fail. So, I carried through with my plan to turn the dress into a normal length shirt for me.

I have to say, this shirt along with the other two tops that I made into shirts from dresses (here and here) are my absolute favorites and are on frequent rotation. I guess it's because I really  have to like a dress to want to turn it into a shirt.

Also, I'm obsessed with this necklace. I ordered it after seeing it on a blogger I follow on Instagram. When it arrived, I was so glad I had taken the risk (I knew nothing of the online boutique). But, before I could wear it, it broke in the box. So, I contacted Happiness Boutique, and they replaced it free of charge. Amazing customer service! I've worn it non-stop and it has held up super well!

Shirt (dress): no longer available | Necklace: here | Jeans: old | Shoes: old

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  1. I concur with your thoughts on a streamlined wardrobe and the "less is more" approach. That is something I've realized over the last year and I'm very happy about it. This shirdress (as I call them) looks so great on you. The sleeves are amazing and you can never go wrong with stripes