Sunday, June 18, 2017

Chambray Ruffles

I purchased this top on Tuesday when JCrew released its new arrivals online. They were offering free shipping but no promotion. However, I had received a discount card that was expiring soon and according to the website my size was already almost out of stock. So, I pulled the trigger. Of course a few days later they ran a promotion, which I figured (and hoped!) would happen. JCrew will honor a promotion on a purchase within seven days so I just emailed customer service and asked for a price adjustment which they did! It is still on sale if you're interested (link at bottom of post).

This was my outfit of the day today and we snapped these picture just about an hour ago, so pardon the wrinkles - it was hot and humid in DC and I ran a bunch of errands and walked the dog twice in this outfit. 

Because I don't own many shorts (I'm desperately trying to rectify that), I tend to wear and re-wear my white jeans in the summer. I also apparently wear these shoes ALL the time. I knew that, but seeing them so frequently on the blog makes it undeniable. Every time I try to wear a different pair of flats, I end up settling on these because I  think they make every outfit better.

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