Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snow Day Shopping and Hopping

We got a total of approximately 22-24 inches of snow in DC on Friday and Saturday. We live in the city and within walking distance of several locally owned restaurants that remained open during the storm, so we were able to get out and enjoy the snow, drinks, and dinner. 

Sadie, our lab mix, LOVED the snow. She's never seen this much snow before and she took full advantage - hopping around in it like a bunny. DC did an amazing job of clearing the sidewalks from the very beginning of the storm, so we had to purposely seek out non-shoveled areas to get a feeling for how much snow we actually got. It was as deep as Sadie's legs are long! See a video of her below.

I have to admit, I failed as a dog mom. Sadie's never shivered in the winter months and has never seemed to mind walking on snow and ice before so I've never thought it necessary to buy her a jacket or booties. She did just fine on Friday and Saturday when she was primarily walking on snow. Today, however, there were some areas that she clearly found it painful to walk on and my only guess is that since the sidewalks are now completely clear and there's no more snow falling, she was walking directly on the salt that they were using to treat the sidewalks given the melting mounds of snow that line the streets. I'm not sure if we should get her booties and if we did if she'd even wear them so I've been trying to navigate the sidewalks for her. But, since they've piled the snow so high along the curbs and in the flower beds, it's getting difficult for her to find a place to go to the bathroom. Any insights from dog parents is appreciated!

I was sick most of last week with a cold and sore throat so we had a low key weekend and I did some online shopping. There are so many great new arrivals (and JCrew is scheduled to release more on Tuesday)! See some of my picks below! All images are clickable.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed the snow if you got some!

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