Sunday, January 31, 2016

Winterizing My Summer Wardrobe

I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired of my winter wardrobe or if it's because I'm hoping for spring, but I've started reaching for some of my summer work wear recently. This skirt is case-in-point. I consider it a spring or summer skirt since it has a predominately white background. It's a standard weight dress skirt, but fully lined. Although I don't currently own any, I have been known to wear white cords in the winter. But, I don't do white jeans much past labor day (I find that white cords or other textured pants available in the winter are more of a "winter white" whereas white jeans are not). I'm just not capable of it. Maybe it's the rule against white after labor day, but I just don't find bright white to be a color I want to wear in the winter.

So although my entire spring wardrobe isn't available to me for wear during the winter months given the pattern or color, I own plenty of items that easily cross seasons. This skirt, one of the more decidedly summer pieces that I've recently winterized, is fairly easy to transition because of the blue and black pattern. I played up the blue and black color mixing by pairing it with navy tights and black booties - something I never thought I'd do, but I really like the pairing here. The sweater is also navy with black lace on the shoulder. Also seen here and here

I'm pretty sure this new approach to getting dressed in the morning means I can start buying new spring items and wear them now!

Sweater: old Tippi from JCrew, same style here | Skirt: old (but I'm loving this pattern and it would work well across seasons) | Tights: here | Booties: old, similar here


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    1. Thank you!! It's from The Limited, but got it this past summer. It can be hit and miss for me, but this was a great find!