Friday, August 14, 2015

Rules Are Meant to be Broken

Happy, happy FRIDAY!  It's here, finally. I was under the misconception that yesterday was Friday. And by 3:30pm, I was really bummed when I realized it wasn't. Whoops. But, good news. TODAY is Friday. So, here's one of my favorite desk to drinks dresses, perfect for Friday. 

Do you ever buy a piece of clothing that just ends up sitting in your closet? I have a rule, if I don't wear it in a year, I discard it. Exception: I lost the piece of clothing or totally forgot about it. This dress should have been thrown out according to my rule. But, for whatever reason, I never tossed it. It's times like these that I'm so glad I broke my own rule (though, it was by complete accident).

I originally bought it probably 3+ years ago on super discount from Anthropologie. And then it just sat in my closet. But, I've definitely made up for lost time. It's now one of my favorite summer work dresses. For those in conservative offices who want to incorporate patterns, a geometric in a traditional work color (navy, grey, black) paired with the same color blazer is a great choice. 

Fun fact: We've been taking photos outside but in more isolated areas. I'm a little (um, very) self-conscious of taking photos while there are onlookers. Well, when we were headed out the door take photograph this outfit, we had a little bit of a miscommunication. So, we ended up in one of the most crowded areas near us. Eeek. But, I powered through. I feel pretty good about it. And, it means that you're not looking at the same backgrounds. Progress! It definitely gave me the confidence to branch out more in the future!

Dress: old, but similar here and here | Blazer: here | Shoes: old, similar

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