Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The All Occasion Dress

When my husband and I got married earlier this summer, I moved from NC to DC, and we moved in together. He graciously offered me the walk in closet. He volunteered it. I didn't even have to ask. I knew I married well!

So, I have the walk in closet and good thing because I filled it pretty quickly. Even after purging before and after the move. With the lack of closet space (a new phenomenon for me; I had closet space galore in NC as a single lady), I have to be careful about what I buy. This means, I'm always on the lookout for pieces that will do double and triple duty. This dress does just that. It's appropriate for work when paired with a cardigan or blazer and wedges. It's a great outdoor summer party dress without the cardigan and when you swap the heels for sandals. Lastly, I love it for a casual Friday or Saturday out running errands and/or brunching.

This dress is available in tall. I originally ordered it in tall, but found that it was a little too big. Unfortunately, JCrew doesn't offer too many pieces in Tall 0 (which normally isn't a problem for me). Tall sizes tend to run a little big: a Tall 2 is more like a Regular 4, but not quite. So, if the Tall size doesn't quite fit, I often size up in the Regular. It oftentimes (but not always) gives me the additional length I need. This dress is shorter than most of my work dresses, but not too short. And because it is shorter, it makes it more versatile outside the office.

May I share a tiny complaint with you? I'm so thankful that more and more retailers are offering Tall sizes and that those retailers are expanding their Tall departments. However, I really wish they'd offer Tall sizes without simultaneously making them BIG and TALL. Like, why is the same size in Tall any wider? It should be longer, the waist should be altered to fall at the appropriate place, the inseam should be longer, etc. But, I don't understand why there is an assumption that a tall woman is larger. And, if the stores are going to make, say for example, a size Tall 4 not only longer and proportionate for a tall woman, but wider and bigger, then they should offer the Talls in smaller sizes. Heck, if the regular clothing is available in an XXS, 000, and 00, I think it's ridiculous that the Tall sizes start in T2 and Small (especially when those are more likely to fit even a tall woman like a 4 or Medium).

Has anyone else also experienced this? OK, end rant. Thanks for listening! :)

The tip of the day is this: if the Tall doesn't fit you, try sizing up in the regular.

Dress: here | Cardigan: here | Necklace: here | Shoes: old, similar here

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