Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Florals

I'm falling hard for all patterned dresses for fall. Two of them made my fall wishlist here. I picked up this dress along with a few other times during one of Loft's amazing promotions a couple weeks ago. 

I'm not sure why, but I love it when I can buy a dress in "regular" instead of tall. For some reason, regular reads as "normal" to me and tall is just another word for "not normal." I have to say, my height caused me more insecurity when I was younger than it does now. As I've gotten older, I've come to accept the fact that at 5'10'' I'm the average height of a man. I think we all become more comfortable in our own bodies as we age. I'm also convinced that middle school and high school wreak havoc on a girl's body image, confidence, and self-worth. I became much more comfortable with my height once in college and graduate school. 

The growth of personal style blogs has also made me more comfortable in my own skin; seeing real women is inspiring. And pursuing this blog has made me even more confident. Nevertheless, I can't help but smile a little when I don't need the tall. The midi length trend is largely to thank for that this season. 

This dress runs small(er) as indicated by the reviews. I found that the regular small fit well (many dresses are a little loose in the shoulders/armpits but this fit perfectly). I love the print and the flutter sleeves are a nice, feminine touch. But, I was disappointed in the very long, thin belt. I love belts made out of the same material as the dress or shirt, but I prefer them to be an inch or more in width. I find that coordinating belts add definition and shape without adding anything visually. 

So, I  positioned the belt as though I was going to tie a bow in the back, but crossed it in back and brought it to the front to tie. Doing so made the belt appear wider and creates more of a waist line. It also means that the bow isn't overly long and droopy. I was amazed at how much better the dress looked to me after tying the belt this way.

Blazer: here | Dress: here | Shoes: old, similar here

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