Wednesday, October 7, 2015


This dress is more colorful than most of my wardrobe, but the belt and long sleeves convinced me to give it a shot. I love the pattern and colors even more in person and I find the length and sleeves to be a perfect fit. And the benefit of a pattern like this is that it does the styling for you, no accessories needed.

The belt is a little too big for the dress size, so I may add another hole, but it does tend to stay put when looped. 

We take outfit photos on the weekend and did so this past weekend on Saturday because my husband was leaving for a business trip on Sunday. Unfortunately, I realized after we took the photos that this dress when paired with black wedge booties makes my pale, white legs glow (in photos, at least). It's not a good look, I promise. We'd hoped to re-shoot this outfit on Sunday, but it just didn't happen before he left. So, here's the one photo that turned out half way decent. I apologize. 

Dress: here | Booties: old, similar here

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