Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Black Friday Starts Early

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have started early and this means I can get a head start on my holiday shopping and avoid the crowds (I never participate in in-store Black Friday deals). I thought I'd share some of my picks for the tall women on your list (including yourself!). These are items that are on my wishlist or things I already own and recommend.  All are on promotion.

Top (left to right): pajama bottoms (available in tall!) / hat / Kendra Scott necklace
Bottom (left to right): slippers  / dress coat (available in tall!) / Tory Burch bag

 I own the coat in navy in tall. See it here. I also own and love the necklace. See it here and here.
The coat is very tall friendly, the sleeves are plenty long and it falls just below my knee which I love for an overcoat because it means it totally covers my dress or skirt. Also, I've never considered searching for pajama bottoms in tall. I have no idea why not because I've never had a pair that weren't complete high waters which leaves my ankles a little chilly in the winter. These are top on my wish list. As for the slippers - how can I pass up leopard print slippers (especially when paired with striped pajamas)!?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing everyone safe travels and good times!


  1. Great choices! I hear ya on the high-water PJ pants. I own a few tall-sized PJs and love how gloriously long they are. I tolerate my non-tall once since they're so cute. Regarding the coat, I am in the market for an overcoat and love how the navy one looks on you in your other post. I have worn my J.Crew tall majesty peacoat a ton the past 3 years so I would definitely be inclined to buy another coat from J.Crew. Looks like this is a popular one though since it is sold out in most sizes. Hmmm...

    1. I got giddy over the thought of tall pjs. I'm trying to hold off on buying them myself and just ask for them for Christmas. But it's hard. Haha. Love my coat!! Highly recommend it...I love the olive too which is fully stocked.