Thursday, December 10, 2015

Corporate Casual Remix - Striped Dress

In this post, I transitioned a dress from summer to winter and from the office to the weekend. I'd say its earned its closet space, for sure. This dress is a work horse for me year round. 

See it styled for the office during the summer here.

In the winter, I love styling this dress for the weekend with riding boots as pictured here or with my booties, here. PS - I'm jealous of all of you with newer Toms desert booties because they finally got the hint and did away with the ugly blue logo on the back of the bootie. Mine are still in excellent shape so I continue to sport the blue label. Has anyone tried removing it with a seam ripper? I've always thought about it, but never pulled the trigger.

At any rate, apparently this dress requires leopard print! 

Happy Friday!

Dress: old, similar here | Scarf: old, similar here

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